On May 14th and 15th, 2015, UCC hosted a training and demonstration workshop in which FLOURplus was extensively presented. The first day was focused on wheat product processing, while the second day covered gluten-free baking. The combination of both topics into one event allowed reaching a broad international audience.


Picture 1: Prof. Elke Arendt, Head of the Cereal and Beverage Science Research Team at UCC, welcomes the attendees on May 14th.


Picture 2: Susanne Döring, Secretary General of AIBI, introduces the project FLOURplus.


Picture 3: Dr. Emanuele Zannini, Post-Doctoral Scientist at UCC, reports on sourdough technology - a pillar of UCC's activities within FLOURplus.


Picture 4: Imke Matullat from ttz Bremerhaven explains the use of sensory science in the bakery sector. Extensive sensory work will be performed in late 2015 within FLOURplus to feed the project's database.


 Picture 5: An international audience from industry and research attended the training and demonstration session.